From my Sketchbook: Resetting Your Auto-Fill Default


Once again, a little nugget came flying in on my radar at warp speed. And this one pushed my “Whoa Nellie!” button with enthusiasm. 

Now I realize that for a lot of folks, their “default auto-fill” associated with the word “wander” is to add the word “aimlessly.” And the thought of someone wandering aimlessly through life, on a seemingly endless search for their pot of gold at the end of their rainbow, does not have high appeal.

My suggestion to those folks is that they get up off the chair they’re sitting in, and walk around the table and sit in the chair directly opposite. And maybe, just maybe, they would realize that from this new perspective, “wandering aimlessly” could have a “default auto-fill replacement” of the word “Explore”. And think about where we would be without the Explorers.

I can tell you that Columbus would have never sailed the ocean blue in 1492. And we would not have a lightbulb. We wouldn’t even have the wheel. And it is the explorers who do more than just invent things. Or discover new places. 

It is the explorers who challenge and push through the boundaries of their proverbial boxes. In art, music, and science. And they ask the question “What if?”  

What if I continue to see what is around the next bend? What if I took the time to look at a situation from the other person’s point of view? What if I choose to ignore the urge to pass judgment and stay within my status quo and instead, opened my mind to a new possibility?

What do I think I could discover?

Falls under the category of “Embrace Your Inner Explorer.”


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