From My Sketchbook: Channeling Oscar


Our friend Oscar makes it sound simple, doesn’t he? Be yourself. Easy breezy, right?

But what if you look in the mirror and ask the question “Who am I?“ and the person staring back at you doesn’t have an answer? What do you do now?

You could model yourself after someone you admire. Like a family member, a teacher or mentor. But wouldn’t that be like becoming someone else rather than yourself?

Or you could define what you do not want to be. Because very often it’s much easier to know what we do not want, rather than what we do want. I mean, if I don’t like broccoli, then you better believe I’m gonna have green beans with dinner.

Some folks come out of the womb knowing who they are. What they want to be, where they want to live, and who they want to live with. Other people spend their entire lives trying to figure it out. 

And guess what? Both answers are correct. Each of us has the right to free will. We can choose what the right answer is for us. Because it’s not the end goal that is important. It is the journey.

And yes I know, we’ve all heard that before: It’s the journey, not the destination. But I’ve been on the planet long enough to know that it is a true statement.

And I would like to think that’s what our friend Oscar was trying to tell us. Don’t sweat trying to be yourself. Just do it. And if who we are changes throughout the stages of our lifetime, that’s okay. 

What’s not okay is to play the “Woe is me game” with the person in the mirror for an entire lifetime. Or to point at someone else and say, “that person is the reason I’m unhappy.”  Or to whine and complain to anyone who listens, while we sit on our rusty-dusty wishing our life away, and not making any effort to change. 

All comes back to free will. And living life on our timeline with choices that are own, not someone else’s. And maybe that is all “being yourself” really means.

Falls under the category of “Oscar, I think you’ve got it.”  

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