From my Sketchbook: Revisiting

Inspired by:

I wrote and did this sketch a number of months ago, when a gal pal shared an experience with me. A dear friend of hers was in the process of losing his final battle with a long-term illness. And she, along with the people closest to him, were going to be by his side at hospital as he lost his war. She told me they had all been asking for more time with their friend. And how that time they had shared was so very precious to them all, and they would hold it forever in their hearts. 

And as I was flipping through my sketchbook the other day and came across this sketch, I realized that while it was inspired by a sad time, it also applies to happy times.

Holiday and birthday and anniversary celebrations do remind us how precious the time is that we spend with those we care about. But so are the times we spend on ordinary day.

Sitting in the park on an ordinary Wednesday evening with someone who holds a special place in your heart…eating a turkey sandwich and watching the children play in the playground…is its own treasure. And it is the accumulation of those times that become your special occasion. Your celebration. Your holiday.

Falls under the category “Treasure Your Ordinary Day.”  


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