From my Sketchbook: Reactions


Two of my gal pals are facing similar issues with stress and how it relates to their physical health. And while these two women have never met in person as their only connection is through me, and their situations are completely different…their stories are remarkably the same.

During our in-person, phone and e-chats over the past few months, I noticed one common thread that wove its way through both of their storylines. It was not the situation that was the issue. Because their situations were what they were. It was their response to the situation that was creating their stress.

Now, I ain’t no mystic…I don’t have no crystal ball…I can’t predict the future. But I have lived on the planet long enough to know that if your response to a situation is causing stress, and you can’t change the situation…you can change your reaction.

And guess what…both my gal pals grabbed the “Reaction” ball with both hands and are running with it. And their physical health is showing a remarkable improvement. They are, slowly but surely, becoming stress-free. I am not saying it has been an easy road for either of them. Because it has not been. But I am so proud and happy for them that they are still putting one foot in front of the other and staying on their respective paths.

Falls under the category of “Three Cheers for Team Stress-Free!”




2 thoughts on “From my Sketchbook: Reactions

  1. I heard it said somewhere or maybe I read it… “work less, play more” is one of the keys to a stress free life. Easier said than done nowadays, but still a nice goal to set for oneself.


  2. Absolutely. Stress is a beast unto itself. And there is no magic answer for anyone. Recognizing it is the first step. Deciding to change it is the next step. Finding the solution that works for you will, I truly believe, set you on a stress-free path. But ultimately, it is your choice and yours alone.


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