From my Sketchbook: A New Season


The latest Nor’easter gifted my town with almost a foot of snow. The day after the storm passed, my neighbors and I emerged from the warmth of our homes for the Great Dig-out. Grumbling quickly turned to laughter as we embraced the irony that the first day of Spring was the day before the storm hit.

Spring is a time of rebirth. When the earth awakens from its Winter slumber. When all creatures, humans included, come out of hibernation.

And as I stood there in the sunshine under a bright blue sky, watching neighbors helping each other and children climbing the mounds of snow and dogs chasing snowballs thrown in the air for their purest of pleasures…the sense of community brought a sweetness to the aftermath of the storm.

And after the storms of this Winter past, I am excited to welcome this new season and all the gifts held in store for my prettier-than-pink future cloud.

Falls under the category of “Think Spring.”




2 thoughts on “From my Sketchbook: A New Season

  1. Ahh, the Great Dig Out…as much as a pain it can be, it sure is pretty after a snow storm. And to hear laughter and see children play it reminds me of childhood playtimes.


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