From my sketchbook: Lifestyle


Not long ago, a friend of mine suggested I make a list of 13 things I wanted in my prettier-than-pink future cloud. So I made my list, sketched it out, then posted my sketches as the first two entries here in this blog.

I was flipping through my sketchbook the other night and came across the list. As I took a look, I realized that I have already incorporated many of those 13 things into my life. And for those that I have yet to include in my life, I have plans in the very near future to do so.

Yet as I looked at my sketches, I came to a conclusion. That my list was a descriptive of the lifestyle I want in my future cloud.

I want a healthy life. Mentally, physically and emotionally. And I am there. Yay! All I have to do is keep up the good work and keep growing. Yay to infinity!

I want my freedom. Freedom to choose where I live, what I live in and with whom. Freedom to spend time with the people who I enjoy being around and to make new friends. Freedom to continue to work in a profession that I love. Because being an artist and designer is not what I do…it is who I am.

I want love in my life. Unconditional love…no strings or conditions attached. And I have that for and from my family and the people in my inner circle. And I know there is more love out there just waiting for me to discover it.

But the most amazing discovery I made as I read through my List of 13 is that my future is happening now, if that makes any sense. And I am so very grateful that it is. So while I am excited to see what lies ahead for me in my prettier-than-pink future cloud…I am so very glad I am able to appreciate what is happening right now at this very moment.

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