From My Studio: Rules versus Recommendations


This sweet little nugget came flying into my airspace at warp speed. And it inspired a classic Cheshire cat grin. And I’m still grinning.

Outside of rules of the road, like traffic lights and stop signs, and paying your utility bill on time, and let’s not forget the always-appropriate “Do Unto Others…“; I consider rules to be mere recommendations. 

And yes I know,…you may say, I’m not an artist. So this doesn’t apply to me. Well, I don’t agree.

Creativity does not just come in the form of the musical, dramatic or visual arts. Creativity can be found in science and mathematics and medicine. Every invention known to humankind, beginning with the wheel, is infused with creativity.

Because folks thought outside of their own boxes. And when faced with a problem, struggling to find their answer…these folks often turned their thoughts in the opposite direction and discovered their solutions. They embraced all that they knew about their profession, their craft, their skill set and broke their own rules. And guess what? That’s when their magic happened. 

So I challenge you to break your own rules. Whatever solution you’re struggling to find, do an about-face and look in the opposite direction. Break out of your own box.

Just do me one favor. When you are driving down your road, and you get to your intersection and the traffic light is red…please stop. Outside of that, put the pedal to your metal. 

Falls under the category of “Green Means Go.”


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