From my Sketchbook: Eating Vincent’s Cake


Vincent Van Gogh may have the reputation of being a hair off-center. Some may even describe him as being a bit of a lunatic. But he understood how to drive a concept down to completion. And still allow his vision to shine through.

Hey…it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the thought of tacking a big project. So much so, that we may even be hesitant to try. But it’s much simpler if we break it down into bite-sized pieces. Kinda like eating an entire chocolate cake. Possible if you cut it into small slices and eat one bite at a time. Maybe not-so-possible if you shovel the entire cake into your face.

And this is a valuable lesson that our dear Vincent has gifted to us. Keep your “great thing” as your end-goal. And divide it up into a series of small things. Tackle it one task at a time. And before you know it, you will have achieved your vision.

Falls under the category of “Eating Your Cake One Bite at a Time”.

Thank you, Dearest Vincent.

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