From my Sketchbook: Sky Dance


A few days ago I was sitting on my patio not long after sunrise. It is my quiet time. My chance to greet the day in the peace of the early morning…a cuppa hot tea at hand. It was a brisk morning, with a cold March wind doing its best to invade the warmth of my winter coat.

As I was enjoying the sound of the birds singing in the day, I noticed a single hawk flying just above the tree tops. He swooped down to land on a tree branch, only staying for a few heartbeats before launching into the sky again. And much to my delight, a second hawk flew into view.

At first, I wondered if they were adversaries, preparing to do battle for the same territory. They were diving at each other, circling round and round. But it wasn’t long before I realized they were simply at play. As I continued to watch them, captured by the fluidity of their movements, I came to understand they must be mates.

There was a ying-yang quality to their flight dance. One male. One female. Distinctly different yet exactly the same. Each flying their own pattern, yet synchronized with their partner.

I continued to watch them, circling each other as they moved further away from my view, until they were nothing more than two small specks in the morning sky. And I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be a hawk dancing in the sky on a brisk March morning with my soul mate.

Falls under the category of “Pure Magic”.



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