From my Sketchbook: The second page of my List of 13

Inspired by…

This is the second page from my sketchbook for my list of 13 things I want in my prettier-than-pink future cloud. It features those things which have a specific and detailed focus. And I have been embracing them and am excited to see where they will lead me. Falls under the “Yay to Infinity and Beyond” category of life.



2 thoughts on “From my Sketchbook: The second page of my List of 13

  1. These are some really nice goals to set to float on your prettier than pink future cloud. There is no doubt in my mind you will reach them. It may take some time, but patience is a good virtue to live by. All the best!


  2. Thank you for your kind words. Very much appreciated. And yes…while I often think that patience is an over-rated virtue, I can…when properly motivated…embrace the concept! [insert cheshire cat grin here]


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